Hi Italo’I will be going to a cottage on Baptiste lake this August and I am told there is good bass and pike fishing with some walleye and a few muskies. Having never fished this lake and considering it is quite populated with cottages what are some good tactics to use on this lake. I looked at a map and there is a variety of structure and depths up to 100 ft. What would be some strategies to breaking down a lake that I have never fished. Im mainly interested in bass and walleye

Posted on June 26th, 2016

Hi Joe, Baptiste is an excellent lake for all 4-species. There are lot’s of structure breaks, weeds and wood to fish. Generally I would suggest you fish cover and structure that you see “visually”. For pike, definitely fish around weeds casting a 3/8 oz. white willow-leaf spinnerbait all around them and over them. You can also fish a Vibrax #3 off the deep-edge of the weeds and you bass, walleye and musky. Most guys that I know that fish there usually hook musky on bass/pike/walleye baits when they are not targetting them. In Aug. water temps will be warm and I would even suggest you fish some top-water lures. A good friend of mine also fishes a 1/8 oz. Johnson Beetle Spin along the weeds and does really well there.  Hope you have a great trip and hope to see some pictures…God bless you.

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