Hi Italo!I was wondering, when you are bass fishing, is there a certain way you have to match your leader to your line, or should I use a leader?!?Thank you,Kai Kentel

Posted on March 28th, 2020

Hi Kai, I normally use braided line when fishing artificial lures for warm water fish like bass. If I’m smallmouth bass fishing in clear water I normally use a 15-20” fluorocarbon leader 10-12 lb. test. I find the leader helpful if I cast light twitch-bait’s like the Rapala Rip-Stop or Shadow Rap so that the lure doesn’t catch the braid as it’s going through the air. I also find the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon works well when I’m fishing soft-plastics along the bottom, especially where there are rocks and zebra mussels

If I fish largemouth in clear water and heavy cover I may use up up to a 30lb fluorocarbon leader.

If I fish murky water I find I don’t need to use a fluorocarbon leader…God bless you.

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