Hi Italo,I was wondering how do you troll in a medium sized , fast flowing river. Also, Im having a problem catching muskie/pike (I can see them) where a river flows into a lake.Thanks,Sam

Posted on May 7th, 2016

Hi Sam,  trolling in a river can be tricky depending on the flow-rate and the fish species you are trying to catch. Trolling may not be the best presentation in a fast flowing river for musky and pike.


You have a couple of options. First you can use a bottom-walking sinker with a 2-3′ lead and a floating lure like an Original #11 Rapala and troll “zig-zag” cross-current touching the bottom with the sinker every 5-10 sec. You will need to find the right weight bottom-walking sinker depending on the depth/current speed. I would think that a 1 1/4-3 oz. sinker should work. The second presentation is to use a deep-diving crankbait or body bait that dives down close to the bottom. Rapala makes the Divers To (DT) series, that covers many depths. Lastly, you may want to troll some of the slower areas in the river, like where there is back-eddies, or behind any points in the river where there is a current “seam” created and even a “back-flow”, those are usually key holding areas for both musky & pike…God bless you.

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