Hi Italo,I was wondering at the moment would there be good steelhead and brown trout fishing in Bronte creek or is it still early. I heard that fishing is good in November and with all the rain recently. As well will salmon still be in the river at this time.Thanks for the help

Posted on October 28th, 2016

Hi Matthew, this is an excellent time to catch browns and some steelhead in all the Lake Ontario tributaries including Bronte Creek. Yes, dark salmon are also in the rivers and they will probably be there until the end of Nov.

WELCOME BACK: Italo Labignan Canadian Sportfishing. He and his film crew will be in our region again the last week of October 2016 to shoot Coho and Steelhead shows with Tracey John Hittel of Kitimat Lodge. In the past he has shot as many as 11 shows on a variety of rivers with Noel Gyger of Northwest Fishing Guides and Lodge. Note from Italo, "Excited about capturing some amazing footage in the Terrace, BC area of trophy Coho salmon and Steelhead in the tributaries of Coastal Mountains for the Canadian Sportfishing TV show and a film featuring the “allure” of river fishing. Also looking forward to spending some time on the river with my good friend Noel Gyger and Tracey Hittel, two master-guides that have the same passion for fishing as I do!”

Best way to catch all three species is drifting roe bags, salmon egg imitations, acrylic and glass beads and flies.

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