Hi Italo,I was watching your fishing show this morning October 7, 2017 and you demonstrated near the end of the segment a nice rod reel combo. This combo was made of graphite (and titanium i think) and you demonstrated all the material that was cut out on reel (looked carbon fiber!) The rod in the combo also had significant material cut away with the resulting weight being 3/4 of a pound i think? I would appreciate some information on the manufacturer so I can track this combo down.Thank you for your time.Shane Gillett

Posted on October 7th, 2017

Hi Shane, sounds like you saw the Rapala Concept Ti series rod and reel outfit. It is nano-technology and is extremely light and sensitive, but at the same time very strong. You can check the rod out at, https://rapala.ca/products/concept-ti-spinning , and the reel at, https://rapala.ca/products/concept-spinning-reel .

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