Hi ItaloI want to try Lake Ontario salmon fishing but have only dipsey divers. Should I start shallow in spring with small spoons, then gradually deeper in summer with larger spoons or meat?Also how do you find the fish and depth with a basic fishfinder? Should I invest in downriggers or graph as its a big lake?Thanks for your knowledgeable insight.

Posted on February 20th, 2020

Hi Adam, You can catch Great Lakes Salmon, Trout & Steelhead all season long just trolling with Dipsey Divers. It does help if you have the proper Dipsey Diver Rod, a good trolling reel and use wire line to the Dipsey and then a fluorocarbon leader from the Dipsey to your lure. April is one of the best times to catch all 3-species trolling in less then 50’ water and running dipseys about 120’ back and down to about 30’ depth. Body baits like the Rapala J-13 in fluorescent orange is a good body bait along with fluttering spoons and flasher/fly combinations. Later in the summer fish anywhere form 80-120’ of water but only 40-60’ down for Salmon & Steelhead. Lakers tend to feed close to the bottom. A basic fish finder will give you the depth and will mark schools of baitfish. If you mark baitfish the salmon/trout/steelhead will be nearby…God bless you.

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