Hi Italo,I really enjoy your informative fishing program. Please keep up the good work.My question is: under what fishing situations would you use a fast retrieve (7.1:1) bait casting reel instead of a slower (5:1, 4:1) one?Thanks. Blessings, Bob

Posted on January 17th, 2019

Hi Bob, thank you for your encouraging words, will do my best!! Great question. High-speed gear ratios, like 7.1-to-1, are great when you need to reel a lure in fast that either  sinks quick (like a Rapala Snap Rap, or heavier spoon that you want to be able to cast far, but only swim just below the surface or above weeds), or in the case of a spinning lure that has a narrow blade and needs a pretty fast speed to work properly.  A slower 5-to-1 or 4-to-1 gear ratio is better if you need to slow down your handle rotation when fishing lures that have more water resistance like a shallow-running crankbait or KwikFish as an example. Sometimes if you reel those types of lure too fast they wont produce the best action. Good excuse for you to get both speed of reels!!…God bless you.

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