Hi ItaloI notice rapala sells alot of low costing polarized glasses for 10-30$ at walmart, do these posses a quality polarization to see fish, even though there so cheap or do you reccomend i buy a more expensive pair?Thanks

Posted on July 27th, 2018

Hi Alex, I have worn Rapala fishing sunglasses for many years and can confirm that they are indeed polarized and work well for cutting out UV rays which enables us to see more clearly into the water. Not all sunglasses marked as  “polarized”, are indeed polarized. There is an “Italian-test” I use to check if any sunglasses are polarized. To check, take 2-pair of the same sunglasses that claim to be polarized and hold one lens horizontally in from of the second lens “perpendicular” (vertical), behind. If the lenses are polarized you will not be able to see through them (solid black). If they are not polarized you will see through them.

There is a downside with most inexpensive polarized sunglasses and that is that they will deteriorate with prolonged use in the sun (funny isn’t it!). Cheap plastic frames will slowly dissolve when body acids from sweat contact them & become “pitted” (rough surface), and many become brittle from the UV rays and the frames break. Also, the polarization is a thin film coating that with prolonged UV (sun exposure), will “de-laminate” and separate itself from the lenses. You can usually see this start to develop from the outer edges of the lens and working inwards (looks foggy). Also, inexpensive plastic lenses scratch very easy and mirror finishes eventually start to come resulting in “unclear” images which can result in headaches.

For the last few years I have come to appreciate the important of comfort and performance of wearing very good quality sunglasses, even if they are in the $250. range, like Maui Jim’s. I would encourage you to go to an optical store that sells Maui Jim and try different pair on in brown and grey lenses before you make any sunglasses choice and compare to the the inexpensive ones. You will  see exactly what I mean. The Maui Jim’s frames and lenses will not be effected by UV rays. They cannot de-laminate, they will not alter natural colors and they have very good UV production and polarization for eye protection to see into the water. They will be so comfortable that you won’t even feel them on!

No matter what sunglasses you end up purchasing I would also encourage you to get the Cablz eyeglass retainers, best and most comfortable on the market!!

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