Hi Italo,I met you at the Toronto Boat Show a few weekends ago after your finesse fishing demonstration. I mentioned to you that I love fishing and have been blessed with fishing most of my life (I’m 28 now) mainly in the Windsor/Tecumseh in the Detroit River or Lake St. Clair and catching lots of fish. In the last few years, I’ve moved to the Hamilton area and have really started to get into steelhead. I’ve fished mostly Bronte Creek and Credit river in the fall (mainly targeting brown trout but catching lots of salmon) (also fished Saugeen for steel in fall with limited success) and have eagerly waited for steelhead opener in 4th Sat in April. Typically I go to duffins creek but last year’s spring opener was kind of a disappointment. I’m not sure if I misunderstood you but at the boat show, you mentioned to me that you don’t wait for spring opener and fish for steelhead late winter when the weather calls for it. I’ve also watched a few of your videos (llike this one: CS30 01Winter tributary Steelhead, Great Lakes, ON. YouTube 4K) as well as the one where you’re fishing on private land. You mentioned that if the timing and conditions are right, so many steelhead can be caught that you call it “silly fishing”. Are the tributaries you are fishing open in late Feb/March? With the large upcoming rain storm forecast for this week, do you think after the storm (2-3 days after) may be a good time to head out looking for steelhead? You mentioned Wilmot creek to me as a good spot to check out. Please let me know when and where is a good time to go before spring opener for steelhead.Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance.Andy

Posted on February 19th, 2018

Hi Andy, nice talking to your at the Toronto International Boat show. You hear me correctly, I do my steelheading between Oct. to March of the following year. Most of our Great Lakes steelhead are a “winter spawning strain”. That means they can enter tributaries as early as the fall and some even spawn in late fall, and through the winter if water temps and conditions are right. By our regular opening season at the end of April, water levels are usually low and most of the steelhead have finished or just finishing spawning and head back down to the Lake Ontario.

I fish the “all year” open season stretches of the Lake Ontario tributaries and even in the harbors. Right now steelhead are starting to “stage” at the mouths and are moving and and out of the lower tribuatries under the ice. If the tribs. “blow-out” from the predicted mild temps and rains this week, Those lower sections will be fishable and will have fish after the water clears up.

When the above happens, either this week, or over the next 4-weeks, all of the Lake Ontario tributaries form the GTA to Port Hope, ON will have lot’s of steelhead running up. Check the regulations for the “all year” open sections, keep an eye on the weather and I hope you will have the best steelhead fishing before the end of March so you may not even want to “scrounge” for steelhead after the regular season opens….God bless you.

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