Hi Italo,I have seen your video about the melting the fluoro to make the ball for the knot from your braided line to catch on, but I am curious on what knot you would use when tying your snap onto your 30# or 40# fluorocarbon? With the fluoro being so stiff I am curious as to which knots will work best.Thanks,Robbie

Posted on June 24th, 2015


When I tie a snap to 30/50 lb test fluorocarbon I use a Clinch Knot (not an Improved Clinch Knot), with only 3-twists of the line, I tighten it really well, leave about a 1/8″ tag and than I melt the tag back which creates another small ball to within 1/32″ to the knot to ensure the knot won’t slip. The Clinch Knot is not a good knot to use when making it with monofilament connections because it can cut the line when really tightened, but it cannot damage heavier fluorocarbon because it is much harder.

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