Hi Italo,I have been fishing in the Bay of Quinte, right near Trent river over the summer, and although the bass fishing was good in June, it has slowed down significantly in the month of July. Do you have any recommendations for fishing in Quinte? Should I head out further in Big Bay if I want to fish?Cheers,Vlad

Posted on August 4th, 2018

Hi Vlad, bass should be in the same general areas all summer long. They may move around, on/off shorelines, on/off weedbeds, but they should still be in the same general areas. Before you make a really big move like going down to Big Bay, I would encourage you to fish the same stretches near Trenton but try different locations and presentations. For example if you were catching your bass shallow casting to surface weeds and lily pads, try fishing just off those areas in the surrounding weeds with spinnerbaits, buzz-baits and Texas-rigged soft-plastics. If that does now produce, try fishing where the weeds end by either twitching a jerk bait like the Rapala Rip-Stop or Shadow Rap, or cranking the right depth running crankbait along the edge of the weeds. I have a feeling you will find them again and at any time they can more again. That’s what makes fishing challenging!

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