Hi ItaloI have a question about fall largemouth fishing. I know the main pattern in the fall is to look for the still green vegetation that isn’t dead yet. My question is do you have any tips to help me find the green weeds faster? I fish from a kayak and have to row around until i locate it either with polarized glasses or on my fish finder. Are there any tips to help speed this process up? Certain features of a lake that cause certain areas to die faster or anything like that. Maybe closer to a creek or shallow or deep etc. I mainly fish lake scugog and rice lake. Thanks italo

Posted on September 28th, 2020

Hi Alex, healhy aquatic habitat has a balance of CO2 & DO (carbon dioxide and dissolved oxygen). When DO levels drop the habitat becomes “stressed”. One of these stresses is caused by shallow water weeds dyeing first and as they decompose they produce CO2.  As a result mall organisms and small fish the lives there leave and head to slightly deeper, open water where aquatic vegetation is still vibrant and producing Oxygen.  That’s why in the winter time, even under the ice is slightly deeper water you can still find green, Oxygen producing weeds.  I suggest you fish deeper. In both Lake Scugog and Rice.  Focus on the edge of the weeds where they end in deeper water rather then the shoreline weeds or center of weedbeds. Also, even in shallow water look for rock area (shoals, reefs, rocky points, etc.) surrounded by shallower “dying weeds” because that is the first area the fish will migrate to before going deeper.

A good visual sign that weeds are decomposing is that they look “snotty” (gel-like, not vibrant healthy weed-leaves).

Fish with a Passion. God bless you, Italo

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