Hi ItaloI caught the last segment of fishing the welland river for walleye.Could you tell me where on the river you were fishing them.

Posted on November 21st, 2014

Hi Nick…I fish the Welland River for walleye, north & south of Welland, ON. I have never fished for walleye in the northern stretch that flows to the Niagara River, even though there should be walleye throughout the river. One observation I have made is that the walleye migrate a lot in the Welland River. I have gone out many times and have not caught any. It seams to be a real “hit-and-miss” situation. I haven’t quite figure their movements out yet. One thing that could be a factor in their migration is the “Aquaducts” on the Welland River where the Welland River goes under the Welland Shipping Canal. The Aquaduct is like the “S-pipe” under sinks and perhaps that curvature in the river that goes down and up affects their migration?….God bless you, Italo

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