Hi ItaloI am wondering if you can give me a breif description of a typical pattern largemouth bass would follow in southern ontario in lakes such as lake scugog from season opener in late june to early fall. What depths do they like and what type of structure as the months progress and based on time of day?I have allways struggled to locate them and to know whether to go shallow or go deep and would like this to be a good season for me. I fish from a small boat. Thank you for your time Italo.

Posted on June 9th, 2020

Hi Ryan, I grew up learning to Bass fish on Lake Scugog, ON. Scugog is a relatively shallow lake that can grow heavy weed growth if we have a hot summer. Also, water levels can vary and if the water levels are low, that can also add a challenge. From opening day to late fall largemouth bass in Lake Scugog will live in the same area. They will feed in water from 2-7′ deep in and around weeds, on weedlines, along shorelines that have some depth and they will take cover under floating weed-mats. I have caught them fishing a Johnson Silver Minnow weedless spoon all season long fishing the massive lily pad beds on the south-east side of the lake, in the Scugog River, Mariposa Brook, East Cross Creed and the Nonquon River. Bass move around and all of the above can produce fish and also non of them. Other times I have done well “flipping” the suspended cattails at the mouth of the Scugog River and also on the west side of Scugog Island north of Goreski’s Beach. My top presentation thought the season are:

-weedless spoon over and through thick weed mats, lily pads and arrowhead along the shorelines

-Rapala J11 fished in any of the open pockets in between heavier weeds and on the weed-edges.

-spinnerbaits over weeds

-(when there is enough water) flipping flippin’jigs and 6″ Texas rigged plastic worms in growing cattails, along suspended cattails, through bullrushes (buggy-wips), along docks and shorelines trees in the water

-lastly topwater lures just before dark.

God bless you.

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