Hi ItaloI am new to bottom fishing for carp. I have 3 questions for you. 1. Do i need a flourocarbon/mono leader?, how good is carp eyesite. 2. I use a hair rig with boiles or corn. Should i fix the weight at the top of the leader or let it slide along the main line?, i have read free moving prevents carp from feeling it but fixed hooks them better, very confusing to a beginer. 3. I fish very weedy shallow water usually, is there any other tips to help the bait go down and not get suspended in the weeds?, is it ok if the bait is not all the way down on the bottom and gets stuck in the weeds abit?, would carp still bite it. Thank you very much Italo!, i love your show and watch all your youtube videos.

Posted on May 30th, 2019

Hi Jack, thank you for your kind words. When fishing for carp on the bottom, the bait and line should lay on the bottom so the carp won’t see it. For this reason you don’t need to use a fluorocarbon leader. Whatever carp bait you choose to use, it should be rigged on a sliding-sinker rig and fished on the bottom. When a carp picks up the bait it should not feel the weight if the line goes through the sinker. If you have not used a “feeder”, I would encourage you too. It’s a mechanism that normally has a build-in weight and designed so that you can compress a carp putty inside it. Many carp anglers mix corn meal with white flour and sweet kernel corn, etc. and press it into the feeder. When the rig hits the bottom the feeder slowly releases the scented putty which attracts the carp to it and they find the hooked bait. If you are fishing an area that has a lot of vegetation on the bottom I would suggest you find a spot on the bottom that has a hard bottom or sand in-between the weeds where your bait can get right to the bottom and be easily detected by feeding carp…God bless you.

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