Hi Italo,,I am heading out to Balsalm Lake and I was going to try the drop shot set-up with a tippet on my line for bass and hopefully walleye. in about 10-15 feet of water..I am planning to use10lb suffix braid with a 8lb floro leader, will that work ? What kind of hook and what type of floatingbait?Thanks for your advice.

Posted on June 21st, 2015

bigsmallieYour line combo of braid/fluorocarbon leader is excellent. Balsam is the highest altitude & clearest lake in the Kawartha’s so I would suggest going with a longer fluorocarbon leader than normal, up to 4-5′. Your choice of fishing depth is good. A drop-shot rig works especially well for feeding fish that have slower metabolism, like when the water is colder (spring & fall). Our waters are warming up fast and you may do better fishing a horizontal presentation for both. For bass casting spinnerbaits, fishing soft-plastics like soft twitch-baits, Texas-rigged plastics and spinnerbaits. For the walleye, trolling a crankbait that dives to 10′ like the Rapala Dives To 7 Flat, or trolling a bottom-walking sinker with an Original #11 Rapala or a worm-harness will do well to locate a school. When you locate a walleye holding area, than you can fish a jig/plastic grub or hair jig with or without bait.

If you do go with the drop-shot rig I would suggest you either use the TriggerX leech, or the TriggerX Drop Dead Minnow. I have down well using both!

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