Hi italoI am going to take my kayak out to cooks bay for some shallow water largemouth, its my first time there this season and my rowing range isnt that great as i dont have a motor. Would you suggest we launch in the end parts of the holland river and focus on fishing the mouth and inside the actual river? Or launch on cooks bay and focus in the actual bay? Not sure which is likley to be holding more bass and i was hoping you could help me take the guess work out of it. I know several launch points already, more looking for your opinion on the area?Thank you so much.

Posted on August 11th, 2020

Hi Ryan, I would suggest you launch in the lower river either at Younge St., or even further down. You should do well fishing 7″ Texas-rigged plastic worms along the shoreline weeds as you get to the bottom of the river. There you will see lots of cattail and many will be suspended which is ideal for fishing the same plastic worms or flipping a jig/trailer. There should also be lily pad beds where you can fish a Johnson 3/8 oz. Silver Minnow weedless spoon with a split-tail plastic trailer. You may also catch some pike. I think fishing the bottom end of the river is better/safer from a kayak…God bless you.

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