Hi ItaloI am going to go sucker fishing at duffins creek in the next few days,i have tried in the past with no luck, can you give me some tips?Do you recommend duffins creek over the rouge river?Should i go by duffins creek marsh?, mid river? Or very far up river?Should i use a bobber with worm or my worm on bottom?Is mid day ok or should i wait till evening?,Any other tips?Thank you Italo!

Posted on May 11th, 2019

Hi Jack, most of the suckers have gone through the lower sections of Lake Ontario tributaries and are either holding in the larger and slower pools up-stream, or spawning on the shallow gravel beds.  One challenge you have right now is high water levels which will also mean turbid water. Suckers don’t mind murky water, but it’s hard to keep your worm on the bottom in the same spot when the current is fast unless you use a heavier sinker. I suggest you either head further up-stream on Duffin’s, like around above Kingston Rd. and look for them in the pools, or head down-stream to Baily St. and fish the large pool just above the bridge for “drop-back” suckers heading back to Lake Ontario. Best way to fish for them is to use a nightcrawler on a #6 Baitholder hook right on the bottom. If the current is not too strong you can just use a few #3 split-shot sikers. If the current is stronger use a “sliding-egg-sinker-rig” of between 1/4-1/2 oz (depending on depth & speed of current). Use the same size baitholder hook and either use an in-line swivel or a small split-shot to keep the egg sinker about 1-2′ up from the hook. Hope you catch them…God bless you.

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