Hi ItaloI am a fellow exWaterdown resident having moved out to the Quinte area 2 years ago.I am trying to take advantage of the Walleye and Pike fishing in the bay and have a trip sceduled for Hay bay at the end of May.My question is about linethere are so many different types available now that it is starting to get confusing.What is a good line and test for the baymonobraidetcand is a 30 lb fluorocarbon leader good for both Walleye and Pike Thanks Thanks

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Dan….I would encourage you to use a 30 lb. Rapala Titanium Braid or Suffix braid (both have 8 lb. monofilament diameter), along with a 14-16″ fluorocarbon leader. If you are casting crankbaits along the weedlines where you are likely to hook both pike and walleye the 30 lb. fluorocarbon leader will be good. If you are targeting walleye in the open-water, near the bottom in the main-Bay-basin, all you need is a 10-12″ fluorocarbon leader (chances of hooking pike away from the shore and weeds drop significantly). Just so you know, some of the largest walleye in May caught in Hay Bay are caught at night by anglers simply casting a Rapala Husky Jerk or Original Floating Rapala (#11-#13), off the dock, or by trolling at night….God bless you, Italo

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