Hi Italo,How can I get northen pike to bite when fishing hard water in late March. I have tried minnows on quick strike rigs in both horizontal and vertical position as recommended by Gord Phizer. I have tried scented tube jigs,rattlers and everything I could think of.I have them on camera coming to the lure and nudging it, but they would not open their mouth to take it. They have stocked the lake with fresh water shrimp.The fish are very well fed. Is this the problem? Is there anything I can do to get them to strike?I have watched them for hours on 3 different trips with the same results.Thanks, George,

Posted on March 27th, 2017

Hi George, I have my own principle when it comes to catching fish. If they are feeding, I try and use either live bait or natural colored lures, natural action, natural sounding to entice them to feed. If they are not interested in feeding (like on the above presentations), I use lures that make them “strike”. A striking presentation under the ice or in open water consists of using lures that are un-natural colors (fluorescent colors, high contrast, unnatural action & rattles). I would suggest you try “snap-jigging” a fluorescent colored Jigging Rapala in the right size, or snapping a Rippin’ Rap in front of them. When you see a fish approach, make him move for it. Don’t just jig it in one spot, jig and raise up and if he shift to follow, it will probably strike.

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