Hi Italo,Hope you are having a great summer.The weather this summer on the water has been pretty hot. Fishing in around lily pads and heavy mat to catch bass seems to be the right spot to go.The fish biting lightly are the ones I am having trouble with. What set up do you use and how do you fish that area with success? Thank you

Posted on August 12th, 2018

I am having a great summer, thank you! Largemouth bass love hot weather and they feed heavily under thick weed mats and lily pads all summer long, no matter how hot the weather gets. As you know, whether you fish topwater lures around the weeds/pads, or fish subsurface lures and Texas-rigged plastic grubs, they usually hit very well. I have a feeling that the “light-bites” are not big fish like bass, maybe smaller panfish or very small bass. Even a 1 lb. bass will inhale a well presented lure in the weeds. To test this, when you do get light-bites, try fishing a very small jig/plastic grub in the 1″ length, I have a feeling you will hook some nice panfish!

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