Hi Italo,Going to be doing some Walleye fishing. I will be using braid line with fluorocarbon leader. What length of fluorocarbon leader should I use. I’ve read anywhere from 2 feet to 12 feet. What do you recommend. Thanks. Love the show.

Posted on May 31st, 2016

Hi Tim, it really depends on what presentation you will be using. If you are planning on trolling in clear water, like Lake Erie, or clear northern lakes it’s a good idea to use a long leader of at least 2-3′.


If you are fishing southern in-land waters where there will already be turbid water from algae blooms or silt/wind effect, you may not even need a fluorocarbon leader, but if you do decide to use one it can be anywhere from 16-24″. I use a fluorocarbon leader for two reasons; 1. so the fish are not distracted by the line attached near the lure in clear water and, 2. in some cases I go to a heavier fluorocarbon leader to decrease the chance of “bite-offs”when I’m fishing in pike/musky areas.

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