Hi Italo,Been watching you since I was a little boy, back then it was you and Henry. I live in the Kitchener Waterloo area and I’m blessed with easy access to Grand River watershed. I’ve had a lot of success when fishing Brown Trout near Fergus. However bass fishing is a different story. I have caught a few using top water poppers and plastic crayfish. I was wondering if you have any other recommendations. I fish the Grand itself and Shades Mills. I have not mastered plastics fishing yet, have issues recognizing the bite. So I would appreciate if you could recommend a hard plastics or spinner. ThanksJamie

Posted on June 17th, 2019

Hi Jamie, glad you have been enjoying our TV shows over the years. The Grand River is an amazing fishery from the northern stretches for trout right down to Lake Erie for bass, walleye and even steelhead that run up in the fall. My top producing bass lures in the Grand River are:

-Jointed #7 Rapala (you can reel it in slowly below the surface and when you fish shallower stretches that has heavier weeds, reel it in slower and even swim it across the top, I have had very good success with it.

-Vibrax #2 & #3 spinner. If the pools/runs are deep enough and there isn’t too much weed growth a Vibrax is deadly for smallmouths in the Grand. I cast it cross current and reel it in perpendicular with the current trying to let the spinner run deep but not catch weeds or the bottom.

-4″ tube/1/4 oz. tube jighead. The tube is deadly drifted along the bottom but in many stretches you’ll need to rig it “Texas-rig” to avoid getting hung-up on the bottom or catching too many weeds. Don’t worry about feeling the bite, when a bass grabs it it tries to eat it and you will definitely know a bass is on…God bless you.

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