Hi ItaloA few days ago i went to lynde shores in ajax/ whitby and tried fishing, i tried live worms from a bobber and on bottom, i tried lures, plastic frogs, wacky rig, tubes and some rapalas, i didn’t get a single bite or see any fish other than a few carp. I tried where it meets the lake and all the little spots from the top down, a total of 8 hours. I was wondering if you know anyone who has had luck there in recent years? Or if you have any current/recent info on what may be there? or is it nothing but a few carp. There is lots of bass looking cover but no bass to be found. Its a walk from my house so i am very interested. All the reports i can find online look very outdated. Thank you Italo

Posted on June 19th, 2019

Hi Ryan, sorry to hear you did not have any luck on gamefish. I used to catch smallmouth bass right in the channel where it goes into the lake and pike along the inside shorelines using a float and live minnows only fishing about 2-3′ leads. I would suggest you try fishing right in Whitby harbor. There should be freshwater drum there, some smallmouth and also some pike. Try casting a Vibrax #3 spinner and also fishing a jig/plastic grub along the bottom.

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