Hi Italo,a couple weeks back we fished Georgian Bay out of Point au Baril. Took some time getting used to the spooky clear water, however after a day or two we were having good success for smallies in some of the inlets off the big water. Slow suttle presentations paid off. Whacky style senco’s and dragging tubes really slow.I’m heading back to the same area this weekend and wanted to try and target walleye’s. Our thought’s are to fish some of the more isolated shoals and islands however this area has a overwhelming amount of that type of cover. Could you be more specific as what we should be looking for? Thanks as always, hope you and Barb are well and enjoying the summer. Gary

Posted on August 21st, 2018

Hi Gary, Barb & I are doing well, thank you. Sounds like you had fun catching those clear-water Smallmouth. In clear water Walleye can do most of their feeding at night. You will need to locate fish in 20-30′ water, you can catch them using jigs/plastic grubs. Try and locate structure in open water that comes up to that depth, or fish off of points that go down to that depth. Early and late in the day you can try fishing around weeds/weedbeds that grow in 12-15′ water & shoals reefs that come up to 10′ for cruising feeding walleye. During the day try to find fish that are laying right on the bottom and as long as you can stay on top of them you can get them to hit. Also, some of the best walleye fishing there, especially for bigger fish is trolling a shallow-running lure like an Original Rapala or Husky Jerk about 100′ back just off the shorelines in 10-15′ water. They will be on “the hunt” at night and easier to catch. Hope you have another great trip.

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