Hi Italo! You’ve always provided very helpful answers to my questions on this site and I’m thankful for that! My latest question is about winter steelhead fishing: Do you have any tips for finding steelhead in tribs during the winter months? I generally fish off Georgian Bay so my only open river during the winter is the Nottawasaga. Can you suggest what types of water steelhead usually hold in during the colder months? I would also appreciate any tips on presentation, time of day, and even river sections on the Notty. Thanks a million!

Posted on December 17th, 2020

Hi Alex, my pleasure answering anglers questions. Most of our stocked steelhead are “winter-spawning” strain which means that many enter rivers that have enough water in the fall and some spawn attempt spawning in the fall with most spawing in late winter when rivers open-up after they flood.

Winter steelhead will hold in any deep-water area where they feel safe. Some of the best areas to fish in a tributary is the lower sections since many steelhead move in and out of a tributary with fluctuating water levels. While you can use artificials such as imitation eggs, beads, flies and hard lures such as spinners and KwikFish, the most reliable is using either salmon or steelhead egg roe bags. Fishing the right-size (dime-size/clear or natural netting for clear water- nickel-size/bright yellow, orange, pink for murky water), roe bag under a float is the best presentation.

If there is open water you can enjoy excellent Steelhead fishing all winter long…God bless you.

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