Hi Italo, would you agree that copper spinner color works well in very stain water? Gold in somewhat less and silver in clear? I seem to have good results when I use a lure color that doesn’t stand out much from the water color at all. It is like, the more I blend the lure with the water the better lol Like orange works in orange stained water. This seems contradictory but it seems to work. What do you think about this?

Posted on December 18th, 2016

Hi Angler, from my experience fishing stained water & very low light conditions, darker colors do draw more strikes. I think this is because darker colors cast more of a silhouette. Once fish hear the vibration and get near, they can spot easier than a silver color.


In fact, if I am fishing muddy water for steelhead, my productive spinner and body has been black blade, black bell (I like using Vibrax spinners). I have had many situations where they won’t hit anything silver or gold, but I can get several fish to strike black. I agree with you that silver works well during bright skies & clear water and gold and brass during less light and discolored water….God bless you.

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