Hi Italo, when vertical jigging for walleye do you use Hi – Vis lines. I am having trouble seeing my line under low light and overcast conditions and would think that using a hi vis line would help but I am worried that it will spook the fish.

Posted on August 8th, 2017

Hi Rad, hi-vis lines where created just for that reason….good visibility top-water if it’s low-light and when fishing water that is green where green or clear lines are tough to see. You will be definitely be well off going to a bright yellow, blue or orange main line. To make sure the fish don’t see the bright line use a 24″ fluorocarbon leader which is literally invisible underwater. Make sure to use fluorocarbon “leader-material”, not just fluorocarbon line for the leader. The specific leader material is stiffer and much more abrasion resistant. You can connect the leader to the main line by using a swivel, or if the leader is not too large diameter, a Blood Knot.

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