Hi Italo, when fishing for walleye in smaller rivers is it better to fish for them on the bottom or with a float? I found a nice spot below a little dam. Where do these river walleye usually like to be, deep quiet pool or very close to dam, where there is a waterfall? Thank you

Posted on September 9th, 2015


During the day walleye are normally deeper-water fish feeding/dwelling neear the bottom in deeper water/shallow water areas in lakes, or in rivers and streams. You are best off fishing near the bottom for them throughout the day. During low light like on overcast days, early and late in the day can cruise suspended in lakes and rivers/streams. That’s when you can catch effectively by using a bait/float, or fishing lures just below  the surface. The rest of the time you are better off jigging, using a live-bait rig, or fishing deeper diving crankbaits near the bottom. Fish closer to the falls/obstruction early and late in the day and especially at dusk and just after night-fall. During the day the walleye will be holding in the current/structure breaks close to deeper runs and pools between 8-15′.

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