Hi Italo, what kind of rod action is best for “still fishing”? By “still fishing” I mean watching the tip of the fishing rod. Are fast action rods more sensitive? Thank you!

Posted on September 27th, 2019

Hi Dako…Best action in a fishing rod for still fishing with live, dead or prepared bait  is one that when you shake the rod it flexes from the mid-section to the tip. On the blank it would be marked as “light to medium action”. But the description may not be correct on the rod so it’s best to “shake” the rod in the store and test. The Ugly Stick is a classic example of a “soft-action” rod that works best for still fishing rather then casting hard lures. As you know besides detecting the bite, the softer rod let’s you set the hook gently while reeling so the fish closes his mouth more on the bait as you set the hook then ripping it out of its mouth with a stiffer rod and a big “jerk” hook-set.

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