Hi Italo, what is your experience with lipless crankbaits like the rapala rattlin’, when are they usually most productive? I think those smaller versions like 04 and 05 are good for trout in cold water with their tight action but I have not used them much yet. Thank you!

Posted on April 9th, 2020

Hi Angler, rattling, lipless crankbaits work great for in-active fish to get them moving. That’s why they work well fished through the ice in different sizes from tiny for panfish to larger ones for walleye, pike and trout.

In open water they work especially well when fish have stopped feeding and you need to make them strike like in the middle of the day. Retrieval speed is important in open water it helps to experiment from a stop and go, almost jigging presentation to “speed-burning” them near the bottom or over weeds.

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