Hi Italo, what is a good way to grab and handle trout? When I catch a bass or crappy I have no problem with it, I just grab it by the lip and it doesn’t move, so I can remove the hook with ease. However, I don’t really know how to handle trout though, it moves and wobbles like mad and it takes me a while to release it. Thank you!

Posted on September 20th, 2019

Hi Angler, trout have much smaller and more delicate scales then the warm water fish and can be challenging to hold, especially if you want to handle them carefully for release. Most trout anglers try and place one hand under the “caudal peduncle” (that section between the anal fish and the tail. With the other hand they usually either place under the belly to support the fish, or under the head. It is common for the trout to bend and wiggle in your hands and it’s always best to hold them over the water so that if they do drop out of your hands they will land in the water and swim away….God bless you.

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