Hi Italo, What hook size would you reccomend for fishing 3 inch berkley worms for steelhead? I use too small and light of a hook and the worm floats to much even with the split shot? Also do you have any worm to hook rigging recommendations? Thanks

Posted on August 21st, 2017

Hi Matthew, I have not fished the Berkley worms, just the Luhr Jensen for steelheaad. Those worms are neutral buoyancy and they drift well below a float. In faster runs I hook the worm with a #8 steelhead hook about 1/8″ from the head so I get maximum action on the fast drift. If I am fishing slower water I hook the worm “wacky-rig”, with the hook in the middle of the worm and I work my float like a top-water lure, shaking it as it goes downstream to give the worm a tantalizing action. Both work extremely well when fish stop taking single eggs or roe bags.

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