Hi Italo, what do you think of “clear blue fluorescent” monofilament color? I know that you like suffix siege but what about sufix elite, perhaps it is better for spinning reels, more limp? Thank you!

Posted on August 4th, 2018

Hi Dako, I have fished most of the Sufix monofilament line including their Castable Fluorocarbon and Elite series. It is fine for you to use, but if you plan on fishing very clear water for fish that have good eyesight I would encourage you to use a 16-20″ Sufix fluorocarbon leader by either using a Uni or Blood Knot, or if you are using lures that tend to spin, a small swivel connection. The fluorocarbon will be more abrasion resistant than the main line going over rough bottom and especially Zebra Mussels and invisible near the bait/lure.

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