Hi Italo, what do you think about lures like the Luhr Jensen “cast champ”? There are a few similar lures out there. The design is simple yet intriguing.

Posted on May 24th, 2017

Wedge shaped spoons line the Cast Champ & Mr. Champ work really well for distance casting in open water, reeling them in fast for certain species of salmon & trout, and allowing them to flutter and jigging them close to the bottom both in open-water and ice fishing. They work for panfish and gamefish. I use the small ones for jumbo perch through the ice and the larger ones for trophy walleye, lakers and pike through the ice. They also work really well vertical jigged in the summer time for lakers around structure and also for smallmouth bass that school-up in the fall and feed on deep-water baitfish schools.

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