Hi Italo, what do you think about different colors of monofilaments? Personally, I think that green is usually better than clear but I am still not sure if green usually beats blue fluorescent. Different fish species might see lines differently in my opinion. Thanks!

Posted on August 11th, 2015


Two things that need to be considered with fishing lines: 1. Is it important for certain fish to use as low a visibility line as possible underwater? 2. Is it important for the angler to be able to see his line above the water? The answer to these two questions will determine which visibility of line the angler should be using. For example if I am fishing Steelhead in a smaller, clear stream, I know they have exceptional vision and it’s to my advantage to use the lowest diameter and the clearest line to catch them, but I also need to see what my line is doing above the water and to be able to detect the slightest movement of the line which could mean a “strike”. So, I use a colored line as my main line and I add a 100% Fluorocarbon leader for the last 3-5′ to ensure the fish don’t see the leader, this way I  have the best of both worlds.  Green monofilament line is good, but hard to watch above the water, especially if there are over-cast skies. Blue fluorescent line is visible above the water and very visible below the water. If the water is not clear, the clarity of the line, but if the water is clear, for many species of fish that have good vision, it can make the difference between fooling more fish into biting!

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