Hi Italo, what are these “glow colors” of spoons? It seems like there are more and more of these on the market. Len Thompson and Acme little Cleos are into them now. I am just using them as an example. The color of the glow spoon or spinner has something to do with UV light but I honestly don’t know much about it. Could these be more effective than regular colors? Thanks Italo!

Posted on May 28th, 2018

Hi Dako, good question. “UV” coated and “glow” are two separate things that sometimes are combined in the lure paint finish process. A UV coating blocks out the ultraviolet rays that can “dim” natural colors underwater making the lure more visible to fish. The “glow” is a “phosphorescent” (glow-in-the-dark) paint that absorbs light and conducts light even in the dark. Both the UV and “glow” finishes can work very well under low light conditions, in murky water and the “glow”, even at night. Knowing when to use these is the key. I usually start by using natural colored lures that resemble the baitfish I am trying to match. If they don’t produce, I go to the UV or “glow” colors….God bless you.

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