Hi Italo, We\’re headed for some R&R in Cuba, and I thought I\’d try fishing for bonefish (or whatever else happens to go for it) Any advice on rod and line set up (leader line, fly size, ect.) as well as techniques and handling the fish would be greatly appreciated.have a 9W saltwater rod and reel combo.

Posted on January 4th, 2008

Hi Joel….Your outfit sounds ideal. I would suggest you load it with one of www.cortlandline.com , saltwater taper WFFL. Take a good assortment of Crazy Charlie & Clouser Minnow flies and you should be able to fish any conditions you encounter for bonefish (sight-casting and muddying fish). I would also encourage you to take some wire leader material and some larger 4-6″ long needle-fish pattern plies. I have a feeling you\’ll also get chances to cast to barracuda and blue runners (species of jacks). Have a great trip….God bless you, Italo

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