Hi Italo, we will be hitting lake Wabatongushi north of Wawa in about a week. We’ve never been there. Any tips on walleye and pike? Fella that runs the place said walleye are 20-30ft deep this time of year.

Posted on July 25th, 2019

Hi Tom, we shot TV shows there in the 80’s. You should have no problem catching walleye and pike. For walleye I would suggest you fish mostly jigs/bait or jigs/plastic grubs along the bottom. The walleye should be shallow and deep. Fish the edges of any weedbeds that meet open water and shallow/deeper structure like island shorelines, points, bars and shoals. I have a feeling you will catch them shallow early and late in the day (less than 12′), and deeper in the middle of the day (15′-20′). Pike should be around any weeds that are off main shorelines. Smaller “hammer-handle” pike will be in the shallower, weedy bays. The larger pike will be waiting in ambush around weeds in deeper water off main shorelines, island, saddles (weedy bars that join island to shorelines or island to island). Don’t be surprised if you hook some bigger pike fishing for walleye. You may want to run a short wire leader just in case. For pike 3/8 oz spinnerbaits are a go-to near the weeds or a Vibrax #4 and definitely 3/8-1 oz paddle tail plastic swim-baits like the Lunker City Shaker and Swimfish. Hope you have a great trip…God bless you.

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