Hi Italo, we will be fishing the reeds/ heavy cover near the highway at Lake Scugog and I am wondering if you have any recommendations of what lure to use based on this time of year and from your past experience, for large mouth bass

Posted on July 7th, 2015


If you are fishing from a boat some of the best area to fish north of the Hwy.#7A causeway is the area ranging from 100-500 yds out form the shoreline. The area is covered with weed-patches and I have had the best luck casting a Jointed Rapala #11 in “fire-tiger” color around those weeds in the open pockets and fishing it just below the surface if the weeds are rising up, and cranking it a little deeper if it is open-water in-between the weeds. Fishing this way will produce largemouth bass and walleye.

If you are limited to fishing from the causeway, best to fish the last 1/2 hr before dark for largemouth casting a topwater lure like the Rapala Skitter Walk.

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