Hi Italo: We met briefly at the Toronto Sportsmans Show and you mentioned how good the walleye fishing is in the Bay of Quinte. You told my friend and I a location to access the area from but I didnt write it down. Im certain you wont remember the conversation but can you help me out here. Don

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Don…Nice to have met you at the Toronto Sportsman Show. If I remember correctly I encouraged you to fish the weedlines the grow along the north-shore of Big Island in Big Bay, Bay of Quinte, ON. The best time to fish there is from June on. The best way to catch the walleye (and many other gamefish species), is to cast and retrieve the Rapala Tail Dancer in the #9 size and “hot-chub” color along the weeds casting right along the weedline, casting to the open-water pockets in the weeds, and also casting out into deeper water to intercept walleye that are on their way to the weedbeds. The best way to do this is to either drift and cast (if it’s not too windy), or if it’s windy you can anchor close to the weeds and cover an area effectively and than move a little and anchor again, repeating the process until you find actively feeding walleye. I normally use a boat that is equipped with an electric trolling motor which gives me total boat control so I can keep the boat right on the edge of the weeds. The best place to access Big Island is to drive right to it from Belleville by taking Hwy.#62 south of Belleville to Demoresville Rd.. Follow Demoresville Rd., to Cr52 and than go onto Big Island and follow the signs to Baycrest Marina & Cottages www.holidayjunction.com/baycrest/ . They have accommodations, a marina, fuel, and boat rentals…God bless you, Italo

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