Hi Italo, That Tipnjig set up you recently used is hard to find. Will it be available soon. I recently entered my first ice fishing Pike derby, sadly I could not buy a pike nor rent one for the win. What would you recommend. It was shallow water, 3 to 6 feet average. We were near the mouth of incoming water flow surrounded by a few small islands. We were in some weeds, but the ice was 2 feet thick – so hard to pin pint weed beds. I had two rods with bait fish. One had a quick set rig, one was a drop shot with bait hook, one had a jigging rattle rap and the last had a jigging spoon with a bait fish. I switched from one to another every 15 to 30 minutes to see what worked. We had only three hours to fish so it was speed fishing. (noon to 3pm.) Just could not get it done. Thanks for your insight.

Posted on February 19th, 2017

Hi Stephen, sorry to hear you had tough fishing in the event. Don’t know if you were restricted to the number of holes you could cut. Pike are indeed fish that love to feed around weeds and in shallow water all winter long. Sometimes they cruise, sometimes they stay put and wait to “ambush” prey that swims buy.


Sounds like you were fishing a good area but it may have helped if you could have cut 10-20 holes in an irregular pattern and covered more ice. I would have alternated fishing each hole with a jigging spoon/baitfish every 15min until I would have found a feeding fish. Regarding the TipNJig total ice fishing system, it is brand new and just coming off the production lines. You can order them directly from the company that manufacturers them by calling (514)898-0122 and ask for Sylvia….God bless you.

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