Hi Italo, Thanx for the Pebbly Beach tips. Got 2 that morning, def got to be early before the water starts rising! Gonna take the boat out for her first swim on sat. Thinking of drifting the upper niagar for walleye and rainbows. Any tips on best areas and tactics? Never tried it, but I’ve heard drifting the upper can be productive. Thanx in advance!

Posted on April 14th, 2016

Welcome, good job on catching those steelhead.  I have not fished for walleye in the Upper Niagara in the spring, only in the fall. One of my favorite drifts is from the Fort Erie launch north to the railway bridge working water that is 15-20′ right on the current break. I have done best there fishing either a 3/0 oz. jighead/worm, or worm harness on a 1/2 oz. bottom walking sinker.


The steelhead can be holdling anywhere in the Upper river since the Upper Niagara is much shallower than the Lower. Most guys I know that get steelhead there drift literally down the middle using either roe bags or artificials.

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