Hi Italo! Thanks for answering my previous questions – you’ve been a great help! My latest question is: do you have any tips for targeting drop back steelhead during the Spring? I have had some success in the Fall with migrating steelhead but ZERO success in the Spring. Can you suggest presentations, locations or conditions? My typical tributaries are off Georgian Bay and I use a centerpin setup.

Posted on March 12th, 2020

Hi Alex, drop-backs usually hold in deeper pools and with low, clear water often being the case they can be spooky. Fishing early and late, just at sunrise and at sunset can really help to get them to strike unless the water is turbid. Drop-backs love to take small garden worms and especially will strike #2 or #3 spinners fish cross-current or with the current. One of my favorite lures for drop-backs is a #5 or #7 KwikFish in bullfrog or skunk color also fished slowly cross-current or with the current. The key is to find “holding pools” where there are several fish holding waiting for a rise in water to head further downstream.

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