Hi Italo thanks for all the tips I have learned from you… I have a question about fishing line for pike on the troll and I was wandering if I should use braid or mono what test and what brand of fishing line I was also wandering if the Rapala titanium braid is the best braid out there thanks

Posted on March 14th, 2010

Hi Rylan…You are welcome. I would definitely fish the braided line for long-line trolling. In my opinion both the Rapala Titanium Braid and the Suffix Braid are two of the best performing braids on the market. All braided lines work well when they are new. After fishing them for a few days most loose their “integrity” (they become limp and the outer skin becomes frayed). They still maintain their breaking strength, but can cause real problems by easily creating line tangles and getting caught around the smaller guides of the rod. The Rapala & Suffix braids maintain their integrity much longer. Best braid pound-test to use for trolling: spinning rod/20 lb. test braid, baitcasting/30 lb. test braid…God bless you, Italo

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