Hi Italo Thanks for all the advise via your shows and qa board. I have a couple of questions for you regarding fishing around Big Island Bay of Quinte at the end of May. 1. Is it possible to catch lunker walleye 812lbs at this time of the year around big island From your shows it seems like there are plenty of 1617 inchers but no brutes. 2. We student anglers obsessed with fishing but too poor to own a boat or gpsfish finding units will be renting a boat from the marina and are in possession of trolling gear i.e. old trolling rods mini planar boards a pair of dipsey divers crank baits but no gpsdepthfish finders. What techniques would you suggest for this time of the year 3. One last technical question about the regulated number of hooks which puzzles me. From what I understand the max number of hooks allowed at the end of the line as per regulations is 2. For hard baits such as the rapala husky jerks with three treble hooks does each treble count as one hook requiring me to remove one of the trebles I have a couple of lures with three trebles which id like to try out. Dont want to be doing anything illegal. Any other tips for a successful trip on the Bay would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million! Happy Fishing. Nige D

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Nigel…You are welcome. 1. Yes, you can catch walleye up to 10 lb., but the majority 80% are juvenile walleye from 14-21″. The best time for trophy walleye (8-14 lb.), is Sept. and fishing east of Glenora, ON in an area of the Bay of Quinte that is called Adolphus Reach (same technique). 2. Trolling is an excellent spring technique on the Bay of Quinte where you can catch really big fish. Best trolling bait is also the Rapala Tail Dancer #7, #9 or #11. You can use planer boards, but most people just flat-line. The best time to catch big walleye by trolling in the spring is at night. 3. No, each hook on a treble does not count as one. …God bless you, Italo

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