Hi Italo, still loving the show! Keep up the good work! I’m planning to go portaging at Algonquin for pike opener this year on Booth Lake. Any tips for locating the spring pike up there? I’m not too familiar with the area so I don’t know how to approach it, especially with the cooler temps and amount of flooding there has been up north. I usually run mepps 3-5 with buck tail, and rapala f18s for pike. I’m not sure how active they’ll be this time of year. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to a nice shore lunch, and another great fishing season. Thanks!

Posted on May 7th, 2019

Hi Mark, thank you for your kind words. With higher water levels and colder water temps the pike should be much closer to the shorelines and bays, even if they are in flood conditions. Definitely start by fishing the “pikiest” looking areas and tight to shore. The in-line spinners and Original Rapala should be good but I would also encourage you to take a couple of Rapala Husky Jerk so you can “twitch” in case the bigger fish don’t want to chase baits. Also taking some 4″ paddle-tail swim-baits like the Lunker City Shaker and fishing them with 3/8 oz. jigheads should work well. Start by fishing lures at normal speed and if that works keep catching. If pike don’t respond as well try slowing down your presentation. Hope you enjoy many fresh pike shorelunches…God bless you.

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