Hi Italo, sorry to bother you so much, I just have a question about rainbow trout. I found this spot with a few rainbows and wondered about colors for spinners. Seems to me rainbows prefer more flashy spinners than browns. Are there some colors that stand out and usually do well for rainbows? Perhaps pink or orange? I know that water color and amount of light influences lure color selection but in general are some colors just usually good for rainbows? Thank you!

Posted on July 11th, 2017

Hi Dako, if you are talking about steelhead in a tributary if the water is low and clear you should use small spinners in silver, copper or gold color. If the water is turbid use a black blade and black body, or a spinner that has a high contrast blade (like the Mepps Black Fury). Fish the spinners either with the current, or 45-degrees to the current (not against the current). If they are inland rainbows in a lake the bright colors will work best….God bless you.

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