Hi Italo.Really interested in your Case 4″ Italo minnow . Can it be purchased in Canada and possible locations. We have property in northwestern Ontario, over hundred years in the family, so big fishing family.. Thank you. George.

Posted on December 27th, 2022

Hi George, thank you for your interest in Italo’s Minnow, it’s one of a kind and has the most lifelike action of any plastic minnows. They have worked so well for a multitude of fish species. I was especially impressed when we did so well with them at Ritchie’s end of Trail Lodge, Bisotasing, ON where Brian Drysdale the owner said, “if you want to catch fish you have to use either a live minnow or a worm on your jig”. Well after him seeing me catch one walleye after another with the Italo’s Minnow he stated fishing it and that’s all he used to catch his fish. Not a fish story, the show is airing now that we did together.

Unfortunately Fishing Compete does not has distribution of them in Ontario yet. They are out of Michigan. I would encourage you to contact Tom the owner and tell him you want to buy a bulk-pack of them instead of the small packages. You will catch lot’s of fish with them. You can reach them at, https://fishingcompleteinc.com/ . The link to the Italo’s Minnow,  https://fishingcompleteinc.com/products/italos-minnow .

Wishing you and your family a blessed and safe New Year…God bless you.

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