Hi Italo. Really enjoy your show. Watch you every week. I live in the Grimsby area and usually go fishing with my son in the boat marinas that are situated along Lake Ontario. We usually catch perch and sunfish but id love to catch a walleye. So I’m wondering do walleye roam in these marinas? Thanks

Posted on May 29th, 2019

Hi Geoff, thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoy watching our TV series. Walleye do cruise in and out of Lake Ontario harbours and marinas but they are not normally caught trolling. A couple of good areas to target them is Hamilton Harbour, ON. They have stocked millions of walleye there in the last decade and also Port Dalhousie, ON. At both locations you are better off jigging for the walleye anywhere from 12-25′ depths near the bottom or fishing worm harnesses with a bottom-walking sinker…God bless you.

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